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NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland) is a not for profit charitable organisation working for people with sight loss. Around 5% of people using NCBI’s services are completely blind, while 95% have varying degrees of usable vision.

NCBI was established in 1931 to promote the independence of people who are blind or vision-impaired, and now provides a range of services to over 15,000 people.

NCBI also provides a range of services to public and private organisations in order that their services are made accessible to people who are blind and vision-impaired. Services are offered throughout the community, in areas such as emotional support in coming to terms with sight loss.  Low vision examinations can see a person recommended low vision aids to enhance their residual vision. Techniques are thought and coping skills given to get about safely and to perform the tasks of daily living safely and comfortably.

NCBI’s libraries in Dublin and Cork provide a national Braille, audio and large-print book service. The Media Centre (attached to the Dublin library) is the largest provider of Braille and audio material in Ireland.

A range of assistive technology is available through NCBI’s regional centres and can be purchased online.  Guidance is offered with selecting and using technical aids including accessible mobile phones.

NCBI promotes the accessible design of technology for use by people with a range of disabilities through its Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT), which works with public and private organisations to ensure that websites and other ICT systems are accessible.


Des Kenny Chief Executive of NCBI,

“We work with all people having trouble with their vision. If their eyesight is causing them significant difficulty with everyday tasks, they should approach one of our centre staff throughout the country. We know many people are still unaware of how their reduced vision can be enhanced and how living with low vision can be made a whole lot easier.  We are aware how difficult it might be for people who have had no problems in seeing throughout their lives how difficult it is for them to take the first step to contact NCBI.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with their sight, NCBI can help. For more information on NCBI and our vision enhancing services and to find your nearest regional centre, contact:


NCBI Head Office,

Whitworth Road,


Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8307033 | Fax: 01 8307787 | Lo call: 1850 33 43 53 | Email: | Web: