Logo for the NFPBAThe Association represents the business interests of its members as service providers, particularly in view of the need to combine the care ethos of the past with a commercial ethos to deal with current and emerging market forces. Through the Association, a platform of combined effort and commitment is provided to manage the change.

The services provided by members of the Association are, in the main, personal social services to people with physical and sensory disabilities.

Services include supported accommodation, residential care, housing, respite care, personal assistant, care attendant, home help services, education, independent living, transport, support with assistive technologies, sensory mitigating interventions, assessment, therapeutic services, day activation services, vocational training, sheltered occupational services, supported employment and information and advice services. These services are mainly based in communities, in mainstream settings, promote social inclusion and community participation and are very successful in ensuring mainstream individual quality of life outcomes for individuals.